ANTHAM is not just my name. It is a movement.

A.N.T.H.A.M. = Alignment Now Through/Toward Healing All Misconceptions.


Alignment is your connection to the Source of your BEing, whatever you choose to call that powerful force. Your connection is essential to healing the parts of your life that you believe are not working. Alignment empties your emotional baggage and dismantles the walls around you heart. Alignment is Love, pure Love, unconditional love. Unconditional love, not love based on the blindness of one's actions, but love based on the ability to see the GOD force in others despite their behavior. That power lives in all of us. No matter what religion you follow, no matter what you believe about who, or what, GOD is, that powerful, sometimes seemingly magical force lives within in us all. We call that force Love.


Aligning with that pure Love allows for the past to step back, and the future to what its turn. Presence is what is left standing. In the present moment is where Love resides. When you are present you can hear the love within speak to you, giving you answers to your most private questions, or even answers about where you left your glasses or parked your car.


Alignment is achieved through healing what our mind has been conditioned to believe. It is through the releasing of the past and loving life right now that we are able to create a life of love and joy that we truly crave. instead of a push away from it. When we can look at ourselves and life through the eyes of love, joy becomes an easy choice and everything works in our favor.



Alignment is a pull toward life, instead of a push away from it. We spend so much time running away from our problems and the daily frustrations of life or of fear-based anger or worry, while that powerful connection calls us forward into life with Love. It allows us to heal all of the places we have learned to call broken, the broken heart, the dysfunctional childhood, the fear of success, the feeling of unworthiness, the pain of self-loathing.


When Love flows through you as you, healing occurs. The recognition that all if Love, begins the transformation of your mind and awakens in you an understanding that you are loved unconditionally, and that you are also Love. Your "brokenness" becomes whole. Your heartache becomes compassion and forgiveness. Remember forgiveness is for you. Your inner child becomes your greatest ally reminding you of the joys of life. Fear becomes an eagerness for life, while success takes on a new meaning. You come to an understanding of just how worthy you are of all that your heart desires, and that worthiness was never the real issue anyway. Your self-loathing has been replaced with Self-love.


Love heals all wounds. (enough said)


Misconceptions that once appeared as limiting beliefs, lies you convinced yourself were real about yourself and life around you, as obstacles to your greatness and the life you desire are transformed into Truths that empower you and awaken you to the Love all around and within you. Happiness is Now an easier choice.

I AM ANTHAM Life Coaching is a life awakening company whose main purpose is to help you awaken to the love within so you can realize just how worthy you are of everything your heart desires. I offer one-on-one life coaching and workshops for groups.

Our Purpose

To help women heal the misconceptions of life through alignment with the number
One Universal Truth, Love.

Our Mission

To empower women to live in the truth of their being by releasing the past and loving life now. I do this through life-transforming coaching programs and workshops.

She is ready to stop living from her brokenness and begin living in her blessings so she can finally live the happy life she desires.

As a result of my coaching, she falls madly in love with herself, has better relationships,
experiences a level of joy she has never felt before, and confidently lives a life she loves on her terms.

Our Vision

To co-create a better world one woman at a time.

Our Core Values

Love, Truth, Joy,

Authenticity, Integrity, and Possibility.

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