Are you happy or satisfied?

Happiness can be defined as the quality or state of being happy. Happy is an adjective that means being pleased with a particular thing. Being happy can be characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy: a happy mood; a happy frame of mind. To be satisfied is to have your desires, expectations, needs or demands fulfilled.

I have often heard, and have shared quite a few times myself that happiness is an inside job. It doesn’t depend on anyone or anything to please it. So the above definition is not quite accurate. Many of us have desires that we hope will make us happy once we receive them. When we get a new car, we will be happy. When we get a man, we get a new job, house, phone, ………. man, we will be happy. It is only after we receive the thing we wanted so desperately that we realize that now we want something else that is surely to make us happy. But, nothing ever does!

AND………. NO THING ever will!!!! YES, NO-THING!!!

You see, happiness really is an inside job,and it is also a choice. In order to truly be happy with anything you receive, and not need the next best thing to come along and fulfill you, you must first find happiness within. And only you know what that is. Then you must make the conscious choice to be happy, and not just satsified.

Satisfaction is more like the thing that most people strive for on a day to day basis that they mistakenly call happiness. Satisfaction that their job will allow them to be stress-free for just one day. Satisfaction that the cute girl on the bus smiles at you, finally. Satisfaction in knowing that somebody loves me, the new cell phone will be out next week, dinner was delicious, and my kids didn’t fight today.

See the difference?

Happiness doesn’t require deservedness, satisfaction does. Happiness is internal, satisfaction is external. Happiness doesn’t depend on circumstances and conditions, satisfaction does. Happiness is enjoyed in the journey. Satisfaction is enjoyed in the destination, but so looks for yet another destination. Happiness is enjoyed in the location, not the destination. Satisfaction is usually found in the location that’s why there is a need for a destination, where it is short lived. Happiness has a permanent address, and weathers the storms. Satisfaction is a drifter and abandons ship at the first sign of frustration, as well as soon as the new shiny object has lost its appeal. Happiness finds the joy in every moment and every thing. Satisfaction waits around for something or someone great to show up before it does.

You see, one is secure within itself, while the other is a needy little troll. That security is built on an understanding that happiness is all there really is. If you choose it, it will also choose you.