Let it go……

Sometimes things happen that get us down. Someone we love says something that hurt us. Someone didn’t do what we thought they should. Our feelings were hurt behind something someone else did to us.

Let it go!!!!

Cry! Scream! Yell! Get ot all out. Run through the story that’s playing in your head about whatever happened. Then inhale. And exhale. Let it go.

It’s not the end of your world. You have a life to live that is worth more then whatever happened. I know it may have been painful, but why do you have to carry the hurt? Holding onto the pain someone else caused you is hurting you more it’s hurting them. They have probably forgotten all about it while you sit there upset.

Let it go. So you can get back to the big picture of you life. Just imagine what life would be like if you weren’t hurting right now. Picture this: someone spills milk on the floor in front of you. Are you going to stand there and be anger because the milk is in your path, and wait for someone to come clean it up, paralyzed unable to move forward? Or, are you going to walk around it and carry on with your journey?

Exactly…… You’re going a round it. So if you can let that go, why would you hold onto something else? Is it benefiting you? Well, I guess it is if you can find benefit in blaming and feeling like the victim.

Sure, I get it, they hurt you. And? They didn’t kill you. So you should be stronger. You know, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. How can this incident make you stronger? What can you take from it to grow? Have you learned anything about that person that will lead to growth in yourself? Other people are actually the window to our own souls. (We’ll talk about that at another time.)

One thing you must realize is that whatever they said or did, or didn’t do,  is just their action. How you responded is yours. How you understood their part in this situation is your perception. So, was there anything that they said that triggered something in you that threw you overboard? If so, check out what it was and heal that in you so you won’t respond as the victim around that issue anymore. That’s growth.

Let it go!!! The more you practice this in times of discomfort, the easier it becomes. It will be second nature to you. And life will seem so much more joyous.