Host your own Sista Circle or a Workshop.

Host an intimate transformative experience at your home for you and 2 or 4  of your best sista-friends. You will each be given individual attention around a topic of your choice, as well as gain insight through each other's learning experience. This is small-group coaching at its best, and a great way to spend a girls' night in. You can also host a Sista Circle for up to 7 women without individual coaching. V.I.P. tickets may be purchased to receive one-on-one coaching where everyone benefits. Click HERE for details about hosting your own Sista Circle at your home or any location you like.

Every woman desires to feel worthy. Host an inspirational experience at your home or any location of your choice for a minimum of 8 women. I will provide the empowerment through perspective-shifting insights, during a workshop on a topic of your choice centering around self-worth and self-love. This is a group coaching session, so individual coaching will be limited. Click HERE for details about hosting your own Worthy Woman Workshop.


Host your own Vision Board Party.

 A vision board is a simple, yet very powerful tool, that activates the Universal Law of Attraction. Combining the use of a vision board and visualization will turn your goals and dreams into reality. It is a collage of pictures, inspirational words, and quotes focused toward empowering you to grow more into who you would like to be, as well as draw to you material items and experiences you would like to have and things you would like to do.

Host your own vision board party and:

get clear on your goals and dreams 

* learn positive techniques and tools to stay focused through to the manifestation

* attract some positive things, events, and experiences into your life

* get your girlfriends together for a night of FUN! Find out more....