You don't deserve worthiness.

How did that statement make you feel?

I imagine that it made up feel uncomfortable, probably even took you by surprise, like how dare I say such a thing.

Well, how many times have you secretly told yourself that, or even just felt it the slightest when someone paid you a compliment, or when you thought about having something you deeply desire? Many women have been feeling like they are not of the love they seek or the goals they wish they could obtain.

That statement was just meant to get your attention. And also to make you think. Deservability implies that you have to work for, or earn, something. Worthiness is NOT something you have to work for. It is your birthright. You came here worthy, not to prove to the world, or yourself for that matter, that you are. Once you are able to acknowledge and accept that simple truth, it will be easy for you to live in your worth.

What is a Worthy Woman Workshop?

 This is a safe place where the attendees will participate in powerful exercises to uncover their blocks to feeling worthy, by working through life-transforming processes to shift your thinking about yourself, your past, and the future life you have been feeling too unworthy to step into.

We will tackle the process of taking action based on our belief in worthiness.

Who should attend a Worthy Woman Workshop?

This workshop is for the woman who wants to break past her comfort zone of playing small and self-sabotaging behaviors that keep her stuck. She is ready to empty her emotional baggage from the past and open herself up to all the wonderful possibilities of the future.

The workshop is set up for you to:

*Identify what you truly want in life
*Realign with your joy, passion, purpose, and creative energy
*Gain clarity around your blocks, and understand the key requirement to break free
*Dump emotional baggage so you no longer feel stuck and unworthy
*Develop a new life story to begin telling and living immediately
*Have a transformative experience and get more information on going deeper through the Choosing ME Program
*And so much more....

Topics include, but are not limited to:

*Relationships of any kinds
*Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance, & Self-Love
*Healing and Forgiving
*Vision Board Creation and Goal Setting
*The Law of Attraction
*Controlling Emotions
*BEing a better YOU
*Any topic specific to the needs of your group, or of your choosing
*Choosing ME Coaching Program

Host your own Worthy Woman Workshop...

*You pick the location.
*You invite the attendees.
*I'll provide the inspiration for the transformational experience.

Who is this type of experience for?

Any woman 18 and up who is:

*open-minded and ready to grow past your comfort zone of beliefs
*tired of being tired and wants more out of life
*ready to heal the pain of the recent break-up or past relationship
*eager to reach her goals in a new more powerful way
*is looking for guidance in transforming her life

Host a Worthy Woman Workshop when....

*you, a family member, or a friend are newly single
*someone is celebrating a birthday
*you want to build up your team members
*hosting a girls' night in
*you want to show appreciation to your salon clients


Minimum of 8 people for 3 hours: $55 per person

Up to 2 V.I.P. attendees receive front of the room coaching on one issue at the workshop and a 1 hour Follow-up Coaching Conversation for a fee $75 (not included in the group fee)

The package includes:

  1. Empowerment session with Q & A
  2. Participation activities
  3. Hostess receives FREE 1 hour private Follow-up Coaching Conversation

I am available to facilitate workshops at churches, colleges, sorority events, business locations, and women's organizations, groups, and conferences.

I can also customize a workshop for your audience.

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Contact me using the form below with you name, the best phone number and time to speak. Make sure to put Workshop in the subject line.

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