Signature Speaker Topic

Loving yourself more than anybody ever could means to choose your happiness over anything else.

When life shows up for you, you get to choose how to show up in every situation. Where will you choose to focus your energy, on the negative, and continue to block your blessings, or on the positive and let life just flow abundantly?

 Aligning with the God within to heal the misconceptions about yourself, love, and life

 Using painful situations to grow

 Saying yes to the power of choice rather than allowing other people and circumstances to dictate how you feel in any given moment 

 Choosing to put your joy, love, peace of mind, and faith over frustration, fear, overwhelm, and worries

 A journey towards Higher Self discovery and unconditional self-Love 

Other Speaking Topics

The Worthy Woman

You are Whole & Complete. Just Acknowledge & Accept that you are Worthy.

There is nothing that you need to do to prove that you are worthy of love and happiness. Worthiness is your birthright. Happiness is a choice you get to make everyday and in every moment. Self-love is the key to happiness.

 Loving yourself in order to love others.  Open up to the all the possibilities life has to offer when you know you are worthy of all of it.  Use Love to help you choose happiness. 

Breaking Up With Yesterday

Holding onto the past sabotages your present and robs you of your future.

Focusing on the past keeps you stuck unable to see what's ahead. 
You can't go forward if you keep looking backwards.

Release sabotaging tendencies.

Open up to the abundant possibilities in the moment.

Make way for a better tomorrow.

Vent, Vision, & Victory

Stop Venting & Create a Vision for Your Victory

Women focus on the problem thinking it will go away, but she's only creating a cycle of chaos.
She must learn to let go and focus on the vision she desires in order to have a lasting victory.

Since what you give your attention to is what manifest, complaining only leads to more things to complain about that you don't want.

Invent a new vision that will take you out of victim mode and into the victory of creating your desired lifestyle.

BE Victorious

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