My easiest choice ever 

Do you remember a time when making a choice between playing outside or watching tv inside was all you ever had to do? That was easy when I was a kid. I didn’t have to stay outside with the bugs if didn’t want to. I could go inside and watch television, play with my dolls, or color if I chose to.


Now, as an adult making a choice seems so much more difficult, especially in the split moment of a second. Like, why didn’t anyone tell me that I was going to spend most of my adult life choosing between getting upset and maintaining my peace of mind? Probably because no one else really makes this choice.


Well, I caught myself one night actually making this choice. It was like I no longer had any other option. I had caught myself thinking about where I was so far in life. I had often done this to measure my spiritual growth. But, this time it was different. I didn’t get upset because my dreams hadn’t come true yet. I could feel that they were on the way. I realized that I was no longer tied to the many negative thoughts that seemed to run my life as I had done in the past. I noticed that when I was “my oh so happy self”, nothing really mattered, not even my little sarcastic 14 year old sweet heart. (Why is it that the youngest is nothing like the oldest child?)


Anyway, I also realized that I still hadn’t accomplished some things that were dear to my heart. Although, I knew better, I was still having moments of judging my now moments the same as I had in the past. I was struggling to understand why things weren’t changing for me even though I had changed. And for the first time, instead of going on a journey with negative thoughts, I shifted to an intention created out of what I had been doing. I had been seeing the world through my ego lenses. I had been allowing fear to dictate my steps. I had made it okay to rely on my reasons for not doing what needed to be done in order for the dream to be realized into physical manifested reality.


Then, it happened. I had a thought revisit me, but this time, I felt it different. It felt like a new belief had been created. It felt like a period had been added to my worthiness sentence. Now, I am ready to complete a paragraph. This “happy to have you here” thought was a reminder to act as my Higher Self.


As my Higher Self, my worthiness is not a question in the dialogue in my head. As my Higher Self, ego has no space to fear, be confused, doubt my abilities, misunderstand, feel lost or overwhelmed. My Higher Self is in alignment with all of the answers to my questions and the solutions to anything that appears as a problem. My Higher Self inspires me into action, motivation is not needed. My Higher Self knows all of my desires and the quickest, sweetest, and easiest way to gift them to me.


So, that night I made a choice that I would from then on live in the space of my Higher Self. If fear attempted to rear its ugly head, I would focus into the present moment as the confidence and worthiness of the Higher and better part of ME!


Higher Self living requires nothing, except for the space I have provided for it to reside.


I hope you’ll join me.