Fear, the Dream killer


Change is a part of life. It is how we grow. We avoid change because of fear of what’s on the other side. So we miss out on opportunities of love, freedom, happiness, more opportunity, independence, …….. growth.

That fear can be debilitating and painful. Fear is the foundation of everything that holds you back. Fear even pushes you forward in anger, hatred, bullying behavior, …… evil actions. The fear of leaving what we know we don’t want is stronger than the fear of the unknown of what we do want. We sabotage relationships because of this fear. We stay in miserable relationships because of this fear. We stay in inaction because of this fear. And we never reach the achievement of our dreams.

This fear disguises itself in the form of procrastination, forgetfulness, low vibrational activity, anger, …… excuses. It makes us think we are just lazy and don’t want more out of life.

It leads to suffering. It leads to resentment of yourself for not doing what you say you will do time and time again, but never do. It causes relationships to end because someone allowed their fear to keep them from enjoying that love that showed up that they said they wanted. It makes people hate others for their differences. It causes people to lose their lives because it must prove that it is right.

Fear is given its job by our ego. Our ego is the part of us that wants to show up in front of everyone as the best thing walking, so it puts up a front, instead of keeping it 100% with how it really feels. The ego resides in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious guides the automatic actions that we do without awareness in the process, like scratching our head, walking, etc. Behavior of procrastination even becomes automatic if you practice it enough. This fear is automatic because he has practiced it more than enough.

The solution is in recognizing that the subconscious mind is only doing its job by employing the ego to cause us to fear. The subconscious serves us as our protector from harm.  There is something harmful about the unknown in new territory, or so the subconscious mind would like us to think. When we are ready to step outside of our comfortable zone of familiarity, the subconscious mind alarms the ego that we are about to go where we’ve never been before, and that could lead to failure, loss, or even pain. So the ego goes to work and has us scrolling Facebook for hours, instead of writing our long thought about novel. Somehow, instead of going for our dreams, we end up punching a time clock at a job we hate making next to nothing year after year after year. Our uncomfortable zone is what we become comfortable with.

Once you look that ego straight in the face and it knows you know it exist, it begins to shrink. And once you have  reprogrammed your subconscious mind with the belief that there is nothing to be afraid of, the ego will move out completely, leaving you free to live the life you have always dreamed of.

A life without fear is a life full of love. And oh, the possibilities!!!!!