What more can I do?

When I have stressed over whatever is going on in the moment, I have a choice to make. I can either continue to stress over it, and continue to feel like crap and unable to be happy. OR, I can relax, focus on my breath, and stop thinking about it.

You see, the thoughts are neither true or real proof of what is to come of the situation. The thoughts are even true or real about what has already happened. 9 times out of 10, we spend our time worrying over something, thinking, “Oh my GOD! WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?” We feel frustrated about it happening now, and frustrated about it happening again. BUT, how do we even know it will happen again?

This is just 1 moment in time. This is just 1 event. This is just 1 moment to either learn to stop worrying and feeling frustrated because those are the creative feelings that keep drawing this event or circumstance back into your reality, or to allow it to carry on swirling around in your head telling you what to think and dictating how bad you feel.

You get to choose.

Once you choose, and I hope you choose the first empowering option, you will begin to feel better, and lighter. The heaviness in your chest will disappear. Oh, wait! Or is that just in my chest?

Then give yourself some love. Replace those negative thoughts with thoughts of how amazing you and your life are. Even if at this very moment your life doesn’t seem to be all that great, claim it as so, and give it time to shift into something better. Even a little better is better than the worst life ever.

Then let this happier thoughts become better feelings flowing through your body. Soak up that loving feeling. It feels so much better than just wallowing in pity and frustration.

I feel better already. Don’t you?

I mean, you’re still here anyway. Why not enjoy the time? Let issues rise, and they will, and then allow them to fall without giving your power to choose how you feel away to them.