The Perspective Specialist

“I AM ANTHAM, your Perspective Specialist……..,” that’s how I sign off on most of my inspirational Facebook posts, as well as the ones that seem to fly over my FB friends’ heads.

So what exactly is a perspective specialist? Well, I’ve always been the friend you could count on to play devil’s advocate when you called to vent to me about life. If it was about a boyfriend or girlfriend, yes, my male friends called wanting relationship advice too, I’d find myself speculating on the perspective of the other person. I did this just to get my friend to see that every story has another side, and maybe the side they were looking from may not be the intended plot of their co-star. Their mate could have had a different thought running through their head. I wasn’t always one for telling people what they wanted to hear, but just giving them insight as to what the other party may have been experiencing. For example, if my bff was telling me how her date was so inconsiderate by not calling to cancel until 3 hours later, I didn’t jump on the bandwagon with her and add to story of how awful he was for lying. Instead, I’d say, “Maybe he really did have a flat tire. Well, what if he really tries to make it up to you, will you go with him to the beach?” You get the point. It really eases the stress level when other possibilities are considered.

Contemplating my own mates perspective has also allowed me to gain clarity in times of frustration. It opens up the mind to many different possibilities, rather than just being stuck in my own way of thinking and judging, and feeling bad.  I genuinely attempt to see things from his point of view, and not just from my own judging of what he may be thinking as wrong.

This perspective search can also also teach you a lot about yourself. You get to see how your limited negative thinking gets in the way of your choice to be happy.

I have also learned how to shift my perspective of an assumed problem to look for the lesson. There is power in looking for lesson instead of wallowing in the misery of “Whoa is me.”

Shifting your perspective enables you to:

  • see from the other person’s point of view
  • shift from a bad mood into a better mood instantly
  • redecorate your inner world to better furnish your outer world
  • align you thoughts, words, and actions with your desires for your relationships, career, health, finances, and life
  • release victim mindset and adopt the conqueror’s lifestyle
  • see life through the eyes of love, rather than fear
  • find the answer or solution to the problem at hand
  • view the glass as half full

So as a Perspective Specialist, I empower women to change their thoughts so they can change their life.

I AM ANTHAM, Your Perspective Specialist