Protecting Your Energy

I often hear people say, "I am protecting my energy" or "You won't steal my joy", with some of the most harshest of tones. I get it. You want to maintain your vibe, or be the creator of your own happiness. But, how is that working for you. If you aren't even in that good feeling place when you make this statement?

You see, if you were truly happy, no one, or no thing, could steal your energy or joy, or knock you out of your happy place. Energy is everywhere. We are all energy, and so is everything around us. When protecting your energy, do you even know what that means?

Protecting your energy means that no matter what is going on around you, you will keep your cool, and not lower your way of being because of someone else's actions, or the traffic on the highway. 😉 Lowering your way of being would be getting angry, which is totally your choice. Lowering your way of being is what most people do, even when they are wasting their breath to say, "You won't steal my joy today."

Protecting your energy is also a choice you get to make. No one else can make that for you. You are the one who gets triggered by actions and words. Words are used to give you something. You don't have to take what is offered. You don't even have to be offended and mess up your own energy by their actions. That is your choice, still.

Check this out....... if you were energy were not in the same place as their energy, they wouldn't even be able to interfere with how you are feeling in the first place. They would say or do whatever they wanted, and you wouldn't even be bothered, or notice at all. Now, let me back up a bit, and talk about those triggers. A trigger is anything that draws a reaction from you based on the vibration you offer. A negative emotional trigger will lead you to feel angry or sad when it happens. A positive emotional trigger leads you to feel joyful when it occurs. Here's the thing, tho.... You still have a choice in the matter of whether you choose to get upset or show just how darn excited something makes you feel.

Just think about that time someone did something for you that was supposed to be a surprise, but you knew about it. You wanted to burst out screaming in excitement, but you chose to hold it in because you didn't want them to know you knew. See, that was a choice, and you played that well. Well, so is your option to get angry or to maintain your composure.

So, what must you do, so you are no longer angrily telling someone, "Look here, you will not steal my joy today, or you gonna catch these hands!" ? WHOOOA there girlfriend.....

Follow these steps and you steps and you will be well on your way to protecting your energy, after some practice of course.
1. Get into you happy place before you begin your day around other people. Have a morning routine for that.

2. While going through your day, take notice of what makes you feel not so 'happyplaceish'. What happened? Who did? How did it make you feel? What part of the day is it?

3. In that moment, can you choose to not engage in any type of negative interaction with person or the situation? Road rage is never healthy. And I'm sure you can find better uses for you middle finger. 😉

4. Once you notice a trigger, begin to practice relaxing in the moment, and staying present (next week's blog). Focus on feeling good, that's all that really matters anyway. Wait.... that is what you want. Right?

5. Don't take on anyone else's negative energy just because just because they are conscious of their energy or personal power to create a life of joy.

Protect your energy by being of good feeling positive energy in the first place.