Why Self-love

I teach self-love because so many women have asked me questions about their relationships. They want to know how to handle a situation or their behavior, when the answer is never found in the other person, nor in their actions. The answer really isn't an answer. Nor is the answer a solution. However, the answer is in self-discovery. When you discover who you truly are, relationships become easier, not easy, but easier.

People come into your life to teach you who you are. They are drawn to you by your belief about their role in your life. What you believe about men will attract that type of man into your life. The same is true for you boss, co-workers, students, teachers, neighbors, friends, etc. You attract who you are, not what you want. If you want a good relationship with those in your life, you must be what you require of them. Respect begets respect. Honesty begets honesty, so you must be honest with yourself about what the real deal is in your relationships, especially romantic love. If you believe that all men are dogs, be real with yourself in that belief and stop expecting some magical man to appear who is honest and loyal.

Where exactly will he come from, someone else's belief system? Because, he sure isn't coming from yours. Well, that is quite impossible anyway. Someone else's belief system will not yield you your desires. So be real with yourself, and heal those beliefs that are not in alignment with your desires or just don't serve you in a positive light.

Self-love is the journey you take to release those limiting beliefs. You take inventory of your thoughts, noticing which thought play on repeat. Self-love is not about dressing yourself up and acting like everything is all magically better just because you have some new affirmations posted to your mirror and the "Me, myself, and I" theme song memorized to sing out loud should you run into that ex in Walmart. (Even though, all of that is very useful.) Self-love is about turning inward, and getting to know you, your self, your Self.

The you: Getting to know the you that everyone else knows, who you walk around pretending to be, but never took the time to really see yourself as others have described you during moments of conflict, criticism, or just times when you didn't want to face your own music.

The self: Getting to know your self that you have been wanting to step into, but not quite sure how. The part of you that has been wanting to live and but you have been too afraid to show.

The Self: Getting to know the Self that you probably never even knew existed, but has been with you all along. The part of you that is Divine, still connected to the Source of all things.

Learning all of these parts of you is just the beginning. Loving all these parts of you is the healing. Recognizing that love that resides within will always show up on the outside in the form of loving relationships, interactions with others, and events of your life. Realizing that you are the love that you seek, and others will just reflect it back to you. Acknowledging and accepting that you are worthy will set you free of any negative self-judgment you may have placed on yourself. What you say to and about yourself will change. You will feel different. The circumstances of your life will begin to look different because you will be different.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. ~~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Self-love is important in your evolution as a person. It is exactly what is necessary for the healing of relationships. Without it, you will continue to look outside of yourself for your joy, holding other responsible for your what can truly only be found within, your happiness.


Self-love is what I teach, and how I help you heal. Better relationships are in your future. But first, let's heal the most important one first, the one with yourself.

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